T.S. Wiley Sued For Unlawful Detainer

T.S. Wiley's landlord wants her, her husband Neil Raden, and family out of the house they're renting from him according to an article on the Santa Barbara Noozhawk.

The owner of the 27-room mansion in Santa Barbara, Lanny Ebenstein, says he wants them gone because their $9000 rent payments were habitually late. He says the lease expired in June and yet, even after a 90-day extension expiring September 30, they refuse to leave. He also claims they and their relatives have been sued 45 to 50 times for nonpayment of debt.

Wiley and Raden dispute these claims and allege that they are being illegally evicted out of retaliation, but Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge William McLafferty threw their arguments out of court as irrelevant. They say they will appeal the ruling.

Meanwhile, one of my sources informs me that they are planning to move to Santa Fe at the end of the month.

Indeed T.S. Wiley and Neil Raden are no strangers to the Santa Barbara Superior Court system. I searched the court's records and found 30 separate cases naming them as defendants over the last eighteen years -- ten against T.S. Wiley, eleven against Neil Raden, and nine naming both as defendants, including Mr. Ebenstein's. That's about one lawsuit filed against either or both of them per seven months.

UPDATE - 11/20/07:
It appears they've reached an understanding with their landlord. Neil Raden forwarded me the following e-mail:

From: Eric Berg
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2007 10:03 AM
To: T.S. Wiley
Subject: Talking points

"We reached a resolution with Ebenstein on Friday where we will be remaining in the house under the current lease terms."

I think that's it.

Eric Berg
Attorney At Law
Hatch & Parent, A Law Corporation
[remainder trimmed]

"Talking points". Hmm.

Somehow I doubt that Mr. Ebenstein would agree to the prior lease terms after receiving a ruling in his favor and given the animosity that's been aired out. And I know that "current" and "prior" need not denote the same thing.

(Given the closing "I think that's it", I wonder if there may have been other "talking points" -- whether this e-mail was edited before it was forwarded to me.)

UPDATE - 11/21/07:
I've corrected some minor inaccuracies and adjusted some wording for precision.

So Wiley and Raden have

So Wiley and Raden have added their landlord to the long list of people who hold a "vendetta" against them.

Why do they always accuse people who refuse to be conned of "retaliating"?

How long will the list of those supposedly harboring a "vendetta" get?

The Rhythmicliving.org internet group
The Pharmacists
ABC's TV show, 20/20
Drs. Schwarzbein, Schwartz and the other doctors.
And now, the Santa Barbara landlord

And Dr. Bent Formby. Used,

And Dr. Bent Formby.

Used, discarded, and then maligned for daring to hold science over T.S. Wiley. (But still used, per convenience.)

This story doesn't shock me

This story doesn't shock me in the least. What it does do is point out T.S. Wiley's character even more.

Have any of the women who used the W.P. looked in to getting a class action lawsuit going?....Her protocol of progesterone in such high doses has disrupted my entire endocrine system.

I have read, and heard, about her telling women who did not do well that they did not follow the protocol. I followed it 100%; however, in the pseudo-support meetings I noted that the women who were actually doing ok were the ones NOT following it (ie: using hormones from pharmacies outside of the w.p. network, not using the listed amounts of hormones)....of course, they didn't let wiley or their own doctors know this.
She is using all women on the protocol as lab rats. She KNOWS the dangers and the horrible side effects *that* is why she has not done a clinical study yet. She is collecting data in the 'support' groups so when she is required to do a study, it will look better. She does NOT care about women. She cares about the money she is getting from everyone who is suckered in to using the w.p. pharmacies.

I once had to file suit

I once had to file suit against a client for failing to pay up, and its not cheap. But I had exhausted all other options--they simply refused to pay us what they owed. We got a judgment against them and still they refused to honor the debt and we had to pull up a truck in front of their office threatening to haul off their equipment. After legal fees and court costs and other expenses we got pennies on the dollar, not even worth the stress and effort.

My point is that filing a lawsuit to collect on a debt is a last resort when everything else has failed. Its expensive.

30 lawsuits over 18 years? Good heavens.

Talking points without a

Talking points without a doubt.

On the Noozhawk article page, Neil Raden left the following comment, word for word from their lawyer:

We reached a resolution with Ebenstein on Friday where we will be remaining in the house under the current lease terms.

Thank you.

-Neil Raden

Neil may be up to his old

Neil may be up to his old tricks by not including the whole story.

Unless we see a letter directly from the actual lawyer, which isn't edited by Neil, there is no guarantee of origin.

Remember, these are the people who shamelessly manipulated photographs insisting Wiley had graduated from college. Shamelessly used bogus footnotes. Shamelessly claimed Wiley had researched her protocol before subjecting women to her "experiment."

And my personal favorite: Wiley and Neil trying to use Wikipedia as their personal advertising forum and the Wiki people shutting them down, suggesting Wiley's claims were unverifiable internet hype.

Suzie Wiley & Neil Raden

Suzie Wiley & Neil Raden have moved to another rental property in Santa Barbara. Its too bad they did not move to New Mexico. I think that the Law Enforcement Agencies of Santa Barbara are becoming aware of them, and their con artist ways. They deserve all the bad karma they have been getting... Oh dear they could form a circle and do what?