Seasons Greeting From The Wileys

The following was left on my Wikipedia talk page earlier.

Happy Holidays

Here is what my grandfather from Russia taught me - those who love us, love us. Those who don't, may the good lord turn their hearts. But if he can't turn their hearts, he should turn their ankles so we can recognize them by their limp.

I hope you have a happy and healthy new year. And don't forget to soak your ankle. Neil Raden (talk) 04:00, 24 December 2007 (UTC)


I saw that you added the above to Wiley Watch, presumably because you interpretted it as an insult, or at least something you could mock. Pity. I thought that for one day of the year we could lay down our weapons and just be civil. I guess I was wrong. Neil Raden (talk) 20:24, 25 December 2007 (UTC)

A thuggish threat from the

A thuggish threat from the Wileys? This is a new low.

The ankle comment sounds like the Russian eqivalent of the Mafia threatening to break the legs of their critics?

And now he calls his threat being "civil." What jury would believe that?

It's an old Irish curse,

It's an old Irish curse, generally not spoken directly to the target. The Irish do not characteristically sacrifice their class to their renowned wit.

Appparently for some, nothing conveys holiday cheer quite like wishing one maimed to his or her face. And then cloaking themselves in civility as a defense.

I'm fascinated by this. They

I'm fascinated by this. They spew venom in public, on the eve of a solemn holiday. And then they turn around and point their fingers at their victim as if no one saw what just happened?

Its like they think their gods. Whatever they say becomes true and anything they deny is poof! False.

Maybe they think so or maybe they don't. But they must think they are pulling some kind of magic on other people or else they wouldn't do it.

Caught again. The Wileys

Caught again.

The Wileys repeatedly get caught red-handed. Then deny the incident ever happened.

First, they claimed there was research for the protocol. Caught! No research.

Then they went so far as to put a picture of Wiley in a graduation gown on their website attempting to claim she had a degree. Caught again! No degree. The picture disappeared.

Now they claim the threat to break someone's ankle qualifies as holiday cheer? Yo, Neil. We can read. Don't tell us a threat is actually a greeting. You were caught again. Deal with it.