More Testimonials

Women experimenting with the Wiley Protocol continue to report unfavorable results:

I have been on the Wiley Protocol for 6 months and am experiencing symptoms such as belly weight gain, hair loss, bloating, etc.

Being on the protocol (which i followed exactly) really messed up my endocrine system. I went off of it after 4.5 months because it was making me physically ill.

I have been on the Wiley Protocol three to four months now and I think that I am dying!!

These are women who have recently tried the Wiley Protocol. Any claims that the problems with the Wiley Protocol are due to product/pharmacy issues or any other excuse from years ago cannot possibly be true.

Not surprisingly, you're unlikely to get the full story from a Wiley Protocol support meeting:

I would suggest you attend a few of the Wiley support groups, if you have one in your area. Wiley desperately bad mouths people whom the protocol has made ill, as well as the doctors and pharmacists that refuse to work with her any more (and that, to me, pretty much says a lot about who she is). If she truly knew her protocol worked, and was secure in her knowledge base, she would explain why you are having the symptoms (the science behind it, etc) and not just bad mouth people [who] reported issues with the protocol (or not call them back to help them out).

In those meetings she will tell you what to do to relieve the symptoms you are reporting (without having lab work or knowing your history) and it seems she thinks it is okay to practice medicine without a license because she usually has one doctor on the conference call with her. However, please keep in mind that the doctor on the other side of the line also does not know you, does not know your labs, nor your history, and seems to feel that her license is not on the line for prescribing changes to your treatment without consulting your physician.

Interestingly enough, the support group I attended refused to give out the email addresses or the phone numbers of the other participants even after we all agreed we would like to share. We assume this refusal is because we were all having problems. We exchanged numbers in private, after the meetings concluded. Once we found out how many others were also having the same problems, the drop out rate began to flow. [emphasis added]

Other testimonials indicate that trying to hide adverse information from women on the Wiley Protocol isn't limited to support meetings:

My doctor literally said 'Don't read the Rhythmic Living or Wiley Watch sites.' Oh how I wish I [had]. But I wanted the easy answer. Who knew it would make my life more complicated? ... I'm afraid words like 'moron' and 'pile of drek' may come out of my mouth when describing the said inventor of the protocol.

However, some of the professionals are exhibiting ethics:

I just started working at a Wiley-certified pharmacy and am worried about these high doses I am dispensing to women.

Other recent testimonials:

I was on the Wiley Protocol for a month-June 2007 and have had nothing but problems since. I need to find some answers and get my life back.

I am a personal trainer, calorie counter, nutrition guru, etc. I was only on the Wiley Protocol for 6 weeks but have had permanent weight gain and hormone problems due to this AWFUL protocol. The sad thing is, my doctor was very knowledgeable in other areas, so I trusted 'him' when starting the Wiley Protocol.... I am still affected by this awful Wiley hormone regimen nearly 2 years later. I am planning to get liposuction since I have tried excessive cardio, dieting, other hormones, any other means possible to lose the weight gained on Wiley.

Every time I think about 'the book' (Sex, Lies, and Menopause), I feel like trashing it, burning it, selling it or just plain getting it out of my sight because I'm so embarrassed for being sucked in and don't even want it in my library. Now that I have a clear head, the propaganda in it is obvious. I feel stupid for following such a ridiculous scheme. But at the same time, I know how vulnerable i was. I was very sick. I couldn't make a rational decision to save my life, and this decision practically ruined it. I cannot imagine "pushing" through this for a year.

I gained 16 lbs on the Wiley Protocol, 8 lbs in the first month!! This occurred without changing my diet. Of course, Wiley told me in one of the support groups that it would come off itself and to hang in there with it as my body adjusted. I waited and the only thing that occurred (weight wise) was that I gained another 8lbs on top of the first. So much for my body adjusting to being given progesterone in excess.
By the end of the first month I had gained 8 lbs, but I was somewhat 'okay' with that if my joints were better and that was all the weight I would gain. No such luck, gained more and more (even though i was told by Wiley and Caren that it would go away soon). This 'input' from them was similar to Caren telling me that the linea negra was nothing to worry about and that it is 'your body adjusting'.

My sister started the Wiley Protocol last month. Recently things have come up that make me question its ethics and effectiveness.

I used the Wiley Protocol for a mere 6 weeks but had devastating problems. What started as an effort to boost my low estrogen became my journey through hell.

You forgot to add an

You forgot to add an important consideration from one of the testimonials in regards to "My doctor warned me not to read RL or Wiley Watch sites" For one thing, if they have nothing to hide, why not encourage a patient to read ALL the material, the good, bad and the ugly. And this part of the testimonial was missed:

"What's wrong with making a fully INFORMED decision? Read everything good and bad about a product before you make a
choice? We do it when we buy TV's, electronics and cars. Why in the world wouldn't we do it for our healthcare choices?"

I think that's the most important point of all.

thanks for posting these. I feel better that women's voices are being heard.

Whatever its faults, Big

Whatever its faults, Big Pharma is at least required to provide patients with information about potential side effects, all the way down to insomnia, fatigue, and dry mouth. And Susie Wiley testified before U.S. Senators:

Senator Gordon Smith: “And there are adverse events?”

Wiley: “We have seen two blood clots in, I'd say we've watched over a thousand women, almost face-to-face in Santa Barbara and there are many more that report to us from Santa Fe, New Mexico, for example. There are pockets of women all over the country.”

As if that were the extent of it. She of course doesn't explicitly claim there have been only these two cases. It's possible she might be called to clarify herself under oath some day. (She was not under oath that day.)

And how many Wiley Protocol customers have been informed even of these blood clots?

Anyway, yes, the above testimonials are just some highlights that I've picked out.

Oh, I know. i was simply

Oh, I know. i was simply implying that a doctor SHOULD inform potential users of the Wiley Protocol to read RL and Wiley Watch, since there really isn't any official documentation on the "side effects". To use those in place of documentation that Big Pharma would have normally provided. It's actually quite negligent on a physician's behalf to dissuade a patient from reading negative reviews about a drug or supplement of any kind. I feel that is worse than the product itself.

If I wasn't clear, I am in

If I wasn't clear, I am in complete agreement.

I am a compounding

I am a compounding pharmacist from Santa Fe who would not compound this for my worst enemy. What ever happend to "LOWEST EFFECTIVE DOSE". Its not suprising these women have gee.... go figure..... side effects of too much estrogen... the protocol ramps up an estradiol dose to 16 mg !!!!?? Why go this high when there are prescribers getting GREAT response with MUCH lower doses. Hope the docs still doing this have kept up on their malpractice insurance....

You don't have to agree with

You don't have to agree with it, but the rationale behind it is that you don't titrate hormones. Less is less and more is too much. There is a right amount that has the affect of tipping the scales and then it declines. The problem is that pharmacists like the above find the WP incomprehensible because they are arguing from a different bias. They either don't understand or don't accept (or both) the concept behind the WP. Anyway, no one here will agree with this because of the extreme bias you have about Wiley. But even if you didn't, you would disagree if you didn't accept the premise of receptor anticipation. Read Thomas Kuhn, you're not alone, all scientific revolutions are the them.

I would like to know if

I would like to know if there any doctors that are successfully prescribing bioidentical hormones in safe doses with any success.

I just started Wiley protocol two days ago. After reading wiley-watch I do not plan to continue it without more information.

Please I have been on the WP

Please I have been on the WP for a month. I am afraid of gaining more weight. Please I'm looking for any kind of information. The truth ! Pro or Con. I desided to stop it for now until I can get my hands on more information.You can email me .thanx!