20/20 Looks at Wiley Protocol

ABC News is putting the spotlight on the Wiley Protocol this Friday, February 16, in a 20/20 story titled, "Promises Promises – From losing weight to staying young, how NOT to believe the hype." Among those interviewed for the program was Madeleen Herreshoff, a breast cancer survivor who sought relief from menopause in the Wiley Protocol, only to find herself suffering unbearable side-effects and with no solutions from Wiley. (She also found herself the target of Neil Raden's harassment when she spoke openly about her experiences. We at Wiley Watch applaud her courage in continuing to do so.)

Suzanne Somers and T.S. Wiley were also interviewed and presumably will be defending themselves and their actions. I anticipate more of what we've learned to expect: avoiding pointed questions by changing the subject and attacking the victims, topped with a big dollop of self-enshrinement.

Update: I'm told the Madeleen Herreshoff interview has been cut from the piece. It appears that Wiley managed to muddy the waters with the ABC News producers by alleging that Ms. Herreshoff wasn't following the protocol - that she was using an olive oil base instead of the official, licensed Wiley Protocol cream. Wiley claims that this was the source of her difficulties. Yet Ms. Herreshoff says she followed the protocol and used Wiley-branded product for about three months, and switched to olive oil only when the side-effects became intolerable.

It should be noted that the use of olive oil cuts Wiley out of the revenue stream. Wiley stridently warned those who were considering olive oil that they were not following the protocol and would be denied consultation. She also insisted that olive oil was ineffective, despite its well-established utility as a base for transdermal steroid delivery and despite the empirical results of the women who switched away from the Wiley cream.

I'm not sure where this

I'm not sure where this message is going but I recently took myself off the Wiley Protocol after barely getting through the third month. I was experiencing anxiety to the point of panic attacks and now am having insomnia along with anxiety, depression and crying spells. I am looking for other women who have experienced this and how they have recovered. Help!

Began Wiley end of Feb 2007.

Began Wiley end of Feb 2007. Am having problems with weight gain/craving for carbs, anxiety, severe insomnia, chin whiskers. Am thinking about cutting back to a couple lines of estrogen and only 1 line of progesterone last 14 days of month and see what that does. Cannot get an answer from Wiley folks - have sent email and phoned 2 users from web site. Appreciate any comments/thoughts.

Well, I know where you are

Well, I know where you are coming from. I had cut back on my eating and stopped drinking pepsi and had lost 22 pounds in two months. After starting the wiley protocol I haven't lost any. As a matter of fact I have probably gained. Afraid to step on a scale. I even started exercising and it's made no difference. I either can't sleep at all or am so tired I don't want to get up. The chin whiskers stink. Once you start getting them you can't get rid of them. I used the protocol for a month and my breats hurt so bad I can't stand it. I quit for a couple of weeks and the doctor insisted I go back on it. I am going to quit it. It is killing me. Good Luck

Please tell me how you took

Please tell me how you took your self off the wiley Protocol did you stop all at once? I was told to stop on day 12day. I have yet to have a normal period and was pretty normal before i stated Wiley. I am on day 19 but started bleeding so I was told to start back to as if it was day 1. My family dr. has put me on a mild 2mg valuim and I had to go blood pressure meds until I can get this out of my system Go to a good family Dr and explain everything and it should be a women. Or A good OBGYN. Please tell me how you stopped.

It is unfortunate that too

It is unfortunate that too much of the comment on this issue, on both sides,
is presented in a non-professional sniping manner. It makes those
of us who have become part of this more uncomfortable than ever. The
vindictiveness of the producers of this site truly makes one question their
motives. May I suggest that the anger be left behind and the addressing of
the issue be more clinical and compassionate to all parties. Otherwise, any
motive to help is diminished. After all, this is supposed to be about people's
lives and health, not about petty competition. As a person from the older
generation, I have come to the conclusion that too many people today
were placed in daycare too early, making them fearful and overly
competitive; and though I am a feminist, I often long for the gentler
times when people treated each other with more respect. (And I'll admit
I sometimes fall into defensiveness and less attractive discourse with so
much vitriol firing about.) We all can do this, analyze the situation and
present what has happened - recognizing that people are human and that
they make mistakes - and go from there in figuring out what is best for us all.
I only hope that all that has been presented is legitimate and is not in any
way influenced by duplicitous parties as that of the notorious quackwatch
site that is sponsored by big pharma. The individual stories appear to
be honest and I've spoken with one pharmacy that no longer espouses the
protocol readily, so I believe the individual reports. But remember, it seems to
work for some, so the idea is to find what works for each of us. I am especially
concerned that there are toxins in the creams, that is not wise in any way.

Good luck to everyone in this.

It makes sense to me to

It makes sense to me to replace hormones the way nature had them in our 20s and 30s. Now thanks to TS Wiley selling at least some doctors and pharmacists on the idea of replacing sex hormones this way, I finally can try this with my sex hormones (too bad not HGH, too), and I have decided to try it starting in July (2008).

I wish Wiley weren't making money from selling the protocol, that her book sales and appearances were enough to support her at the level she feels she must live. But I'm not going to let that objection stop me from trying something I've wanted to do for long before I ever heard of her. I am 58 yo and in good health, but with borderline osteoporosis I expect the protocol to help reverse. I'll let you know how it goes.

I have just read your

I have just read your comment and just recently have learned about all this. I am still studying the situation, just read "Ageless", need to read more stuff...you are right that bio-identical hormone therapy may be appropriate for some, especially women who are really suffering. I guess my impression is that there's so much fishiness going on. As a woman who is 44 and menopausal, I resent anyone telling me that I'm not good enough, that I need to crank my clock back to when I was 20 and vibrant. I think I'm vibrant and beautiful now. I am embracing "the change" with it's mild discomforts because I think it's natural and normal and I'm growing in other ways, such as with insight and wisdom.No one comes to my house to do yoga with me or trains me personally. I look my age and I am proud. I'm getting to the point in my life where I can spend more time developing my character, my intellect and my spiritual self. I don't want to be a hot babe; I already did that.Suzanne Somers thinks we have to be "sixty and sexy". That's ridiculous. It's very anti-woman and anti-feminist. She's defining herself by her looks.I recently saw a picture of her with her breast swelling over her top. Is that what it means to be a self assured woman? Does my boob have to hang out? Women need from other women acceptance and reverence for who and what and where they are IN THE MOMENT. It doesn't matter what they look like or even feel like. Women need support from other women not someone writing a silly book telling women what they "should" or "shouldn't" be doing, especially someone who can afford to do what she wants because she's not taking care of other people which is what us "normal" women are doing. That's what we do. We nurture and care for others. Sometimes we don't put ourselves first. We can't. And we should not be made to feel guilty about it or that we are somehow falling short because we are not devoting enough time and money to purchasing fruit botanicals to rub vigorously into our wrinkles. The body dies and rots in the ground. I eat right and exercise to the degree at which I can for my station in life. It enhances my spiritual and mental life which is literally infinitely more important. All this emphasis on appearance is really hurtful to women and young, impressionable girls.I also found quotes in "Ageless" very disturbing but I'll save it for another comment. I guess my gist of the whole thing is that there's something that doesn't quite add up about it (Suzanne and TS Wiley and the protocol).

I agree with you that all

I agree with you that all this "fountain of youth" stuff is way off base. I'm 52 and happy not to be 20 or even 30 anymore. I know who I am and I like myself. But even though the change is natural and meant to happen, some of us suffer horribly with the symptoms and the word "mild" does not begin to describe the constant hot flashes that make you feel like you are on fire and can't breathe, the sweating profusely in place a woman did not think she could sweat, soaking your bedsheets at night and not wanting to be anywhere near your husband for his body heat, the weight gain around the mid section that feels like a tire around your waist, the memory loss and complete fog that wraps around your brain, the terrible and frightening mood swings that make you feel like you're going mad and alienate your friends and family, the depression that devours you and makes you feel that you're falling into a black hole and can't get out. Last week I came very close to running away from home. I have two beautiful still-innocent 6 year old boys and a lovely husband and father to my children. I should be celebrating my life and embracing this time, but instead I am trying to just want to get up each day. Some of us do need help and bioidentical hormones seem to be the way. However, for me, the Wiley Protocol is not the answer. I started on her program after reading the book and my nurse-practitioner telling me it changed her life. It's been two weeks of pure H E L ... I had headaches since day two, migraines I think. I've not had them before, but they were so bad that I had to just go into a dark, silent room and lie down for hours. I've been even more edgy and irritable than before. Any little thing sets me off - to the point of becoming a raving maniac with my kids and hubbie. My skin and scalp is very oily and breaking out. I have no energy and no sex drive at all. My hot flashes are worse than before. And now, I'm worried about possible harm I may have done to myself. I think I am severely estrogen dominant at the moment and that the one-size-fits-all does that the Wiley Protocol prescribes far too much for some people. I too, feel I was sucked in and lied to. I'm mad as *&%#! and I'm not going to take it anymore! Does anyone else have more information or advice on what I should do next? I don't want to necessarily be 60 and sexy, but I do want to find something that will help me live a more normal, symptom-free life and be able to take care of my family again.

How did you take yourself

How did you take yourself off the Wiley hormones? I have to get off them to save my sanity, but I don't know the safe way. Maybe it's too late to worry about safe.


I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that some of you say that Suzanne Somers should not be trying to tell everyone what to do and yet, the majority of the comments on this site seem to be just that - telling everyone else what to do... I agree with the comments about vindictiveness, competition... what is this site all about - making sure that every woman is comfortable in her skin or lashing out at each other?

I am not on the Wiley Protocol but I take the dosage that Wiley suggests and I feel amazing... I was having a lot of problems prior to starting... will this last, will it not? I don't know.. I am taking this one day at a time and if you all care about women feeling great, right now, you are probably thinking that this is great that I feel much better.... however, if you are more into this for argument sake or for simply being right, you are probably thinking right now... Sure, she'll see in a couple of months.... sending out negative vibes has never helped anyone...

I applaud Suzanne Somers... without her, I would never have known about bioidentical hormones...

I hope that everyone here eventually finds what works for them and in the meantime, I hope that everyone can find it in themselves to stop attacking and stick to providing facts....

Thank you

This site is primarily

This site is primarily concerned with T.S. Wiley and the Wiley Protocol, not Suzanne Somers, and it exists in response to the attempts by Wiley and other stakeholders in her protocol to suppress certain inconvenient truths. I assure you that if they adhered to a policy of sticking to the facts, Wiley Watch would not exist.

What a story......I too have

What a story......I too have been through Hell and back. I am not on the Wiley Protocl but I was looking at it and during my reasearch I found this page. I have suffered terribly the past 10 years of insommina, flushes, mood swings and have hit rock bottom many times but there was something inside of me that just kept going and the more I suffered the more I was motivated to help myself..I could not see by taking a hormone replacement as the be all of the end all it had to do with something else and for me I was right. If you dont eat right you dont digest right then you dont get the uptake of hormones right and your adrenials suffer. YOu have 3 estrogen hormones E1 E2 E3 if these are not balanced then nothing works, its all to do with food,life style.DHEA is made from Yams look at the countries where women dont suffer from hormone problems see what they eat or dont eat.Each women has her own rythum one size does not fit all. I figured out my own program and it not unlike what they initially were trying to do with the Wiley group.I do 21 days of progestrone 2%4 days testrostrone1%and I take that in the last 4 days of the progestrone then I drop them and take Biest(estrogen).5% for 6 days and they I start again. Then I take a supplement of Nutrition Care ( check it out on line)formula 33SE and formula SF88. amega 3 only and a small dose of DHEA each day tablet form. All these formulas I found that worked for me was tested with a siliva test, blood test dont work....now this is my formular but it works for me.I sleep well, I have a few hot flushes but no longer sweats my brain is in tact and I am at peace I can now meditate, I eat organic and and drink apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon in water each day for my digestion. It took me 10 years to find my formular and I did it with a little help from a few good friends and a compounding chemist that was willing to concentrate on me. I told the Dr's what I wanted so if I made a mistake its was mine and my compounding chemist made sure I was on track. I hope this will help you. Dont give you power away.YOu will find away and people will come into you life that will help you..

I have been on the WP since

I have been on the WP since February. At first it was great with no more night sweats, day flashes, DEPRESSION episodes!... However, in about April/May, I discovered a cervical cyst. Then I started having a discharge between periods, like old blood or light blood sometimes. My periods have continued to be heavy and painful as throughout my whole life, as well as having cramps. My hormones were continually increased. Then it was suggested I have a pelvic ultrasound. I have some fibroids, and either a fibroid or 'something' that can't easily be seen at the bottom of my uterus near my cervix. Now I'm having to go in and have a hysteroscopy! I had none of these issues until the WP. I always had the painful periods, but now I have cramps all during the month, and this month have not stopped bleeding! I'm freaked out. I got online to find answers to how to stop the bleeding and found this site. THANK YOU! I never thought about how the emphasis has been on my body and libido and keeping attractive to my partner. I AM ATTRACTIVE TO HIM...WITHOUT ALL THIS!!! I have gained weight and these issues have made it almost embarrassing to be intimate...I'm messy.
I've decided that no matter what the outcome is of my hysteroscopy, I'm not doing the WP anymore! I have heard personal testimonials that the Vivelle patch/dot, along with some progesterone pills...all bio-identical, can help my depression and any night sweats/day flashes, and I won't have to apply all these creams and have all these problems. It is low dose and maybe I'll even stop having these awful periods. I'm in my early 50's. It's time to stop all this madness. I love who I am! I just want to be able to lose weight again and feel clean and be without pain. I say a very happy GOODBYE to the WP!
I hope this helps you, and others.